FIRE STRIKE ”Slaves Of Fate”

”Slaves Of Fate”
(Stormspell Records)
This Brazilian band I actually know of. I have a CD of theirs in my collection but I have somehow lost touch with them so this album came as a bit of surprise to me. But that only adds to the excitement of having discovered this album. And since I like the CD I have this will hopefully be just as great an experience. FIRE STRIKE are heavy metal. Good old 80s metal. And since I seem to return to that era often enough it is cool to hear new albums that sound like the stuff that I grew up on. Listening to this brings a tear to my eye. It reminds me of that summer of 1982 when I first heard Iron Maiden and Saxon. Not being much for nostalgia it is still nice that new music brings me back to that time. Anders Ekdahl

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