Firebrand Super Rock – “Born for the Gallows”

Firebrand Super Rock – “Born for the Gallows” (Wasted State Records)

Wow – these affable Scots first burst onto the UK scene back in 2010 with their loud – make that fuckin’ loud – brand of supercharged stoner rock! Fronted by the power femme vox of Laura Donnelly, FSR had a sound n style built for gigs and it was proven from supporting Slayer and Mastodon to festival appearances at Bloodstock and Hammerfest, where the’ve cemented their reputation as one of Scotland’s best heavy metal bands. Now comes their sophomore and it’s even louder – Donnelly is hitting notes that I didn’t think she had and with twice the power – man, this chick is on fire! Of course, none of this would be possible if not for the smokin’ riffola cranked out a plenty by Jamie Gilchrist and the chuggin’ rhythm on kick ass rockers like ‘Beyond The Final Gate’, ‘When Worlds Collide’ and ‘Discordia’. FSR have truly pulled out all the stops on this excellent album, which doesn’t let up from start to finish and is universally appealing to anyone who likes their metal molten n meaty. “Born for the Gallows” sounds like it plays live i.e. loud and truly in your face –  yeah baby!

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