Firebrand Super Rock – “Firebrand Super Rock”

Firebrand Super Rock
“Firebrand Super Rock”
(Rising Records)

Yeah, no kidding, the big lassie fronting this Scottish band looks and sounds like she could floor any of the dudes in her band LOL! Formed ‘ claim back metal for people that just want to punch their fists in the air and have a good time..’, I’d haveta say that on the strength of songs like ‘Hells Mouth’, ‘Cleansed By Fire’ and ‘Wheel Of Pain’ that FSR kick serious ass! Like an ultra heavy version of The All-fucking-Mighty, FSR give it all to ya in a straight, no nonsense style of metal without aspiring to be doom, evil, pretty etc etc. Thumping drums, loads of dirty reverb guitar and Laura Donelly’s chest bursting vocals conspire to produce 10 tracks of pure headbanging bliss with little room for posing, while at the same time being generically appealing to a wide range of metalheadz judging by the fact they’ve toured with Electric Wizard, Slayer and Mastodon.

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