Fireforce – “March On”

“March On”
(7Hard Records)

Oh yeah, I remember when metal used to be this good! Often overlooked by its more popular neighbour, Belgium is another small European country with a fanatical heavy metal following if not too many big bands to show for it. Well Fireforce could change all that especially for those in the ‘true’ metal genre. Essentially playing old school power metal, from raw guitars also incorporating metal melodica, Flype’s vocals are like a slightly more mellower version of Udo Dirkschneider’s, all of course driven by a classic power rhythm from the blistering opener ‘Coastal Battery’ to the even faster ‘Born To Play Metal’ (complete with Manowar chorus) to the beyond the speed of light ‘Metal Rages On’. Yeah, this is classic HM the way it used to be: totally hardcore, totally metal and totally true!

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