FIRSTBOURNE “Pick Up The Torch”

“Pick Up The Torch”

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I might be so damaged from doing and listening to hardrock/metal for since 1982 that I immediately when I see a band name start wandering off to different bands that I think it might sound like, only to find that I wasn’t even close once I start to play the album. FIRSTBOURNE made me think that this could be along the lines of Airbourne but boy was I totally off. And I really should have known had I just checked to the track list. because when you do an Yngwie Malmsteen cover you don’t play down right dirty hardrock. If you haven’t figured it out yet, this is some sort of power metal with everything that is typical for modern power metal. This proves that I shouldn’t judge a band by its name. if you like me like the kind of galloping drums that you so often find in power metal you’ll love this. This one is a really cool one, full of nice melodies and nice vocals. A real keeper. Anders Ekdahl

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