FISTULA “Northern Aggression”

“Northern Aggression”
(Patac Records)
I get a Naked Aggression kind of vibe going with this band. This could be some of the best anarcho punk/hardcore I’ve heard in a very long while. Or it could be the best crossover since DRI’s “Crossover” album. I have no idea how this will turn out but that is also the charm of it. It could be either or. It could be bird fish or in between. That this is hardcore there is no doubt about. But whether it is bird, fish or in between the jury is still out on. I like hardcore but not all hardcore. When it gets too heavy it has a tendency to lose me. I get that feeling from this. Had they picked up the tempo a bit I would have been there right away. As it is now it is too moshy for my taste. A tad too chaotic for me to get it fully. Anders Ekdahl

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