FLAGELLANT “Maledictum”

FLAGELLANT does not exactly ring of extreme metal to me. The word has a totally different connotation to me than that of an extreme metal band. But I guess if you can mix BDSM with metal like the Genitorturers you can be called FLAGELLANT and play extreme metal. Even though this band are Swedes there is a Norwegian feel to their black metal. You know the one with a lot of open chords and a drone kind of feeling. I’m more of a Marduk/Dark Funeral kind of guy but I do love Mayhem’s grand opus “De Mysteriis Dom Satanas”. That album is what it is all about and the reason why FLAGELLANT sounds the way that they do. And why bands like Watain, Ofermod and a whole host of others sound like they do. I have to admit that I like the sound they got going for themselves. Anders Ekdahl

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