FLAT EARTH SOCIETY “Friends Are Temporary, Ego Is Forever”

“Friends Are Temporary, Ego Is Forever”
(Art Gates Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I love a really cool album title, and this one has that. I also like the band name even though it makes me think of Bad Religion song. But this is supposedly miles away from the melodic punk that Bad Religion play. Instead I am to expect some sort of metalcore from this band. But I am not one to back down from things. I don’t know if it is because I am getting older, or simply because I haven’t been there from the start that I have issues with metalcore. I shouldn’t really have any issues. I like metal. I like hardcore. And as I keep listening to this I find myself digging it. Because once I find something to hang my coat on it all becomes easier. And as this progresses the more of a fan I become. I still have issues with metalcore but I am no worse to not admit to liking something. I have no bands to name drop but to my ears this sounds like all the other modern metalcore bands with the screamo vocals,the clean vocals and a slight At The Gates vibe. A nice one though. Anders Ekdahl

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