“Death Hammer”
In small doses I can take grindcore. I’m not sure if it makes me weak but I kinda enjoyed the A-side of Napalm Death’s “Scum” more than the B-side. Flayed Disciple hammers away like there’s no tomorrow. I like that kind of ferocity. It takes no prisoners and leaves only victims in its wake. I like the mix of hardcore and metal that makes up grindcore. It’s like the best of two worlds taken for a spin in a tornado. Stay out if you can’t take the pressure. There is something very British to this mix. You take the pent up frustration of being on the dole for ten years and mix it with the bourgeois government at helm and you get a massive outburst in the form of music that can peel of the paint on walls. Could it be any better? Flayed Disciple can strip the paint of my walls anytime they like. Anders Ekdahl

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