FLESH MARTYR ”Echoes of a Distant Weeping”

”Echoes of a Distant Weeping”
(Celtic Fog)

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This Week’s Greek contribution come in the form of FLESH MARTYR. I honestly thought that this was gonna be a death metal rollercoaster ride but it turned out to be something much more somber. I honestly don’t know how to describe them musically. It is not really doom metal. it is not really death metal. it is not really black metal. I guess I could call it atmospheric metal because that is what it is. It is really atmospheric. In a way it reminds me of Sweden’s Lustre. But that is only part of the truth. I am not saying that FLESH MARTYR has reinvented the wheel but this is some of the most surprising thing I have heard this week. And I like it. A lot. Anders Ekdahl

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