Flight Of Sleipnir – “V.”


Flight Of Sleipnir – “V.” (Napalm Records)

Despite being named after Odin’s swift eight-legged steed, don’t be expecting anything in the way of speed – or overtly Scandinavian for that matter – from the enigmatically named Flight Of Sleipnir. A Colorado duo made up of Clayton Cushman (Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Keys) and David Csicsely (Drums, Vocals, Guitars), Flight Of Sleipnir are ‘..a musical interpretation of the writings of Norse poets long since gone…’. Loosely translated, it’s sun radiating hippy rock with dark indie, almost blackish elements offered in starkly brilliant contrast usually in the same song! Building from a trippy harmony laden groove sometimes laced with flutes and ethereal vocals, songs like ‘Nothing Stands Obscured’, ‘Gullveig‘ and ‘Archaic Rites’ are then transformed into tumultuous affairs by heavy, reverb guitars playing doom laden down tuned riffs as haunting banshee screams echo in the background. Just think of a nice sunny day suddenly transformed by dark gloomy clouds into the perfect storm and you’ll have a pretty good idea of the deep, almost surreal experience that you’ll experience from the 7 lengthy tracks on this 5th release which strangely has been given such a short title! There’s definitely a lot that doesn’t add up about Cushman & Csicsely from their very laid back approach to the experimental nature of their music and its fluidity, but there’s no denying after my experience that “V.” has been played from the soul on this duo’s amazing musical journey that I beckon you to also follow.

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