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Battle Helm Rating

With no intention at all from my side I have come to be very well versed in the world of instrumental post rock/metal thingamajig. And to my surprise I find that for the most part I lie what I hear. FLOWER IN MY LUNG is yet another of these kinda bands that feel that vocals don’t bring anything to the music. And I gotta agree. This is so beautiful that it is hard to imagine what vocals would have brought to it. What I have discovered, and something I haven’t really thought about before, is how I listen to non-vocal music compared to vocal music. All of a sudden I have to really hear the music. There is nothing that clouds my impression, nothing that makes it easier so to speak. Now it is just me and the music. And that has been a hard lesson to learn. But I have a greater appreciation for the music now. And this one by FLOWER INMY LUNG has quickly become a new fave. Anders Ekdahl

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