FLYING “Graceful Murder”

“Graceful Murder”
(Metalscrap Records)
I’m not gonna comment on the band name. That is what it is. Flying are death metal of the kind that has nothing to do with metalcore or melodeath. This is death metal (with maybe a slight thrash feel to it) the way it was done in the 90s with lots of riffing and vocals from hell. It chugs along like a chainsaw on a mission sawing everything that comes in its way to bits. Every now and then you get a guitar solo (oh how I miss those) that adds to it all. This is death metal that isn’t Swedish or Floridian but still death metal the way it used to sound like before all the other sub-genres appeared. You can call it whatever school you like but the fact remains that this is death metal that I can listen to over and over and not tiring. It kinda reminds me of a Six Feet Under gone harder and that isn’t anything bad in my book. Anders Ekdahl

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