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Battle Helm Rating

I wasn’t born in 1968. I have no idea what went on in that year that is so special that you want to name your album after it. But I have heard the music that came from the latter end of the 60s and I know of the importance that the second half has had on the music I listen to today. Bands like The Who, Beatles, Rolling Stones put their mark on the rock scene and with the free love and hippie movements growing stronger we got the 60s to thank for a lot. Since I am a film buff too, I have seen a hell of a lot movies from the 60s. Which kinda come in handy as I listen to this album from FLYING CIRCUS. And even though this is my first real encounter with the band and their music I still feel like I know them. There is a familiarity to this that brings a smile to my face. Is it any good then? I am not really sure I would call this a great album. I am more leaning on interesting. It has that late 60s “anything goes” vibe to it but if I want progressive 60s music I would search for something a bit more linear than this. Anders Ekdahl

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