FOB “Reap What You Sow”

”Reap What You Sow”
I hope that FOB is an acronym for something and not the band’s actual name. FOB sounds kinda half arsed and not remotely cool in all that many ways. But hopefully the music of this Czech band will be up there with other bands that have acronyms for names; like M.O.D, D.R.I, M.D.C etc. That they are said to be playing a mix of thrash and metalcore do promise for this to be cool rather than dull. I kinda expected this to be a full blown grind experience but it turned out to be much more controlled than that in a death metal way. This is way more metal than I thought it would be. That they mix it up with influences from all different metal genres makes this for an interesting listen. I didn’t think that I’d be this impressed. But they have managed to incorporate all the different influences in a smart way making this an album that I’m glad I got to hear. Anders Ekdahl

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