FOGALORD “A Legend To Believe In”

“A Legend To Believe In”
(Limb Music)
I gotta say that the first time I saw the band’s name I kinda laughed but as the band explained in the interview it is a combination of the words fog and lord with an added A. It does take a bit of getting used to but once you’re over the hilariousness of the name you’ll see that this is another of those grandiose Italian symphonic metal bands that there seem to an endless supply of. If you like Rhapsody and any other Italian symphonic power metal band of the epic galloping variety you’ll simply love this too. This is like listening to the metal version of Lord Of The Ring trilogy. You’re taken on a journey into a fairytale kind of land that seems to never end. This is the kind of metal that is contagious. You can’t sit and be downright depressed when you listen to this kind of metal. This will put a smile on even the most hardcore pessimist. There is an abundance of positive energy oozing out of this album. Anders Ekdahl

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