We as Swedes are being attacked from both east and west. It started with the explosion of the Norwegian black metal scene and now it’s followed by the metal explosion in Finland. It’s like being crushed between two giant blocks of concrete. We have to show our muscles now if we as a metal nation shan’t be crushed by the two opposing forces. For The Imperium is not your typical Finnish metal band. Straying from the traditional power metal or extreme metal that we’ve become used to this is like the black cat. With more of a metalcore approach mixed with some tech/math metal this is some pretty weird stuff. Not weird in hard to get but more in that it twists and turns and shifts from this to that within seconds. It takes a while to get used to and I’m not sure that I will ever get fully used to it but as a break from the more traditional metal that I’m exposed to this was what the doctor ordered. Kinda cool in the end. Anders Ekdahl

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