FORCE MAJEURE “The Rise Of Starlit Fires”

“The Rise Of Starlit Fires”

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Today it doesn’t really matter where you are from. There was a time when you could hear where a band came from but that is not the case anymore. FORCE MAJEURE might be Finnish but they don’t sound like they come from Finland. Or do they? That is the might $10.000 question. This is power metal and we have seen a number of really great Finnish power metal acts over the years. And this is no exception. If you like your metal full of drive and melody you need not look any further. It might be the cliché to say but can tell a power metal band a mile away on the over the top tempo and melodies. And I am a huge sucker for that. There is something to bigger than life melodies played in an up tempo that triggers nerves in my metal heart that makes me all fuzzy and warm. That this reminds me of a ton of other power metal acts is a minor issue. This is good stuff. Anders Ekdahl

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