FORCEOUT “Delusion”

I like the fact that so many different styles of metal co-exist alongside each other. I would really hate if I had to choose one of two styles and then stick to them for the rest of my life. I’m totally addicted to metal and the more styles to choose from the better I feel. This is to me death metal, perhaps a tad on the more melodeath-ish side of things of a more controlled kind. Not as frenetic or frantic as some but more in the laidback school of things. There is something familiar to this bands metal but I can’t really out my finger on it. But I do like that there is plenty of guitar solos in the music. I’ve missed a really good guitar solo for a long time now. It is annoying when you have it on the tip of your tongue yet can’t speak it. As I try to figure out what FORCEOUT reminds me of I’ll keep listening to this melodic death metal album. Anders Ekdahl

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