FOREFATHER ”Ours Is The Kingdom”

”Ours Is The Kingdom”
(Heidens Hart Records)

Battle Helm Rating

This is actually a band that I am have heard stuff by. For a very long time I just read about them fearing that this was not something that I would like but then I bought a couple of their albums and lo and behold, I actually liked what I heard. This is a rerelease of their 2004 album. Upon hearing this I feel ashamed that I haven’t paid better attention to this band because this album is bloody marvelous. They don’t like to have their music labelled black metal and I can understand that hearing this. If you just have this playing in the background you might think it is another black metal album but it is when you listen to it that you realize that it is so much more and it even transgress the black metal tag. I think it is time for me to stock up on the rest of their discography now. Anders Ekdahl

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