Foreigner – “The Best Of 4 And More”


Foreigner – “The Best Of 4 And More” (Frontiers Music)

Formed in the mid 70s by guitarist Mick Jones, who remains its sole founder member, Foreigner continue to be one of the legends of AOR even to this day. In 1981 they released their fourth album in “4” that broke it big for the band, spawning several hit singles and ultimately grossing seven million sales in the US alone! With ten multi platinum albums and sixteen Top 30 US hits, the high visibility of Foreigner’s songs continues to introduce the band’s music to new generations, while continuing to resonate deeply in the hearts of their die hard fans. Just last month, the band performed and recorded a unique live event at the prestigious Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ.  For the first time ever, they presented ‘The Best of Foreigner 4 & More’ show – a theme that will continue through select live shows – with a repertoire consisting of some of the best and most loved songs from “4” plus a selection of other timeless hits. The sound quality on the 12 tracks is nothing short of superb with a crystal clarity and great balance between the instruments but most of all, the rapturous crowd (who are loud enough) can be heard throughout singing, clapping and hollerin’ to the likes of ‘Waiting For A Girl Like You’, ‘Cold As Ice’ and most of all, one of the anthems in the history of rock – ‘Juke Box Hero’. With Kelly Hansen’s soulful vocals setting the theme and Michael Bluestein’s keyboards providing the right atmosphere, you actually jump out’ve your seat as Mick Jone’s guitar comes crashing in with that pure rock power chord – kerrannnng!!!! – and man, all you can hear are those prophetic words echoing in your ringing ears ‘..and that wooden guitar, did his whole life change..’. Simply timeless! Great songs, great performances and great production, Foreigner have done it again both for their fans and another winning release in their star studded catalog.

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