Forest Of the Soul “Restless In Flight”

“Restless In Flight”
(Bindrune Recordings)
I can’t remember when I first heard of Bindrune Recordings but I was intrigued by the records they released from day one. It’s not your usual black metal run-of-the-mill releases. They seem to go for bands that have bigger integrity than others. Blood of The Black Owl, Celestial. Nechochwen etc. are bands that bring forth black metal into the 21st Century. Forest Of The Soul has a 70s vibe to their music. It’s very much open landscapes and rural America over them. Not so much dark forests and murky waters. “Restless In Flight” is mostly made up of acoustic guitar and clean vocals but now and then bass and drums are added. The over-all feel of the album is that of respect to Mother Nature. It’s very organic and natural. And thus making it hard to pin-point it. At best it could be described as Opeth taking their semi-acoustic album one step further into nature. At worst, well there isn’t really anything bad about this album as long as you don’t mind the more contemplating side of music. Anders Ekdahl

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