FORLORN PATH “Man’s Latest Portrait”

“Man’s Latest Portrait”
Every once in a while along comes a band with a name that you think you’ve heard of before only to realize that you are wrong. I thought that I was familiar with FORLORN PATH but realized that I had never heard of them before. Having never been to New Brunswick, NJ I have no idea how much time you have on your hands to create a band. And I’m not going to say that New Jersey is the dullest of places to be because that isn’t the truth. There are duller places. But it still seems like a great place to play metal, whether it is black metal or any other form of metal. FORLORN PATH did at first strike me as an ordinary black metal band but the more I listened to the album the more I found myself liking it. The fact that it sounds like something I’ve heard already doesn’t stop it from being a great piece of metal, black or otherwise. Anders

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