Fornost Arnor – “The Death Of A Rose”

Fornost Arnor
“The Death Of A Rose”
(Witch-King Records)

Not quite as insane as The Dillinger Escape Plan but still well off the wall comes England’s Fornost Arnor who aren’t named after some quaint little village covered in roses, but a city from Tolkien’s Middle Earth! Thankfully they don’t sing about Orcs either but seem to have drawn inspiration from the likes of Opeth in producing epic musical experiences – in this case fusing blackish riffs a la Emperor and Mouth Of Sauron vocals coupled with prog melodies, acoustics, soft passages and even femme vocals. It’s quite an achievement and largely pulled off by founder Greg Chivers’s potent song writing and excellent arrangements in using each musical style (technically delivered excellently by the rest of the band I might add) on majestic songs like ‘Lady Heresy’, ‘Path Marked Unknown’ and ‘Aspire For The Darkest Hour’. As you are swept on this captivating journey by the 8 tracks on “The Death Of A Rose” you’ll visualize rolling green fields, spell bounding lakes and haunting fiery mountains – on second thoughts, mebbe Fornost Arnor have indeed taken you to Middle Earth!

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