FORSAKEN ” Pentateuch”

” Pentateuch”
(Mighty Music)

Battle Helm Rating

I cannot remember if I have ever heard an album by this Maltese doom metal band. Yet I have been aware of them for a very long time now. But as they say, better late than never. So here we go with this the newest FORSAKEN album. I had kinda expected this to be doom in the Candlemass school but this is so much heavier. This is FORSAKEN’s first album in 6 years. A somewhat comeback for them. If you are not familiar with FORSAKEN like me but like bands like Solitude Aeternus and the likes you will love this. This is heavy and epic. It is hard to not like the doom metal that this lot plays. It is so grand that you might shed a tear or two listening to it. Anders Ekdahl

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