FORTID “Pagan Prophecies”

”Pagan Prophecies”
Icelandic metal seems like an improbability seeing how many people that lives on that small volcanic island but just as there are national teams in football and handball there are metal bands. Truth be told most Icelanders emigrate to bigger countries like Norway or Denmark or Sweden but that doesn’t seem to matter as to the origin of you band. Once Icelandic always Icelandic. Upon hearing this I couldn’t help thinking of Sweden’s Dawn. While not as frantic and melody induced as that Swedish band (perhaps my all time fave Swedish black metal band) this is intense in a way that I haven’t heard in a long time. It makes for a nice break from all the forest dwelling black metal I’ve come upon lately. There is something to it when chaos beckons around the corner and the music tries to outrun it. It makes for nice bedfellows. This makes me think that I need to check out the past of Fortid. Anders Ekdahl

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