FOSSILS “Flesh Hammer”

“Flesh Hammer”
I really hope that this isn’t going to be old and stuffy. I don’t have any greater expectations on this other than that I hope it is going to be a really cool vitamin injection. As we come to the end of January I am in dire need of any sort of infusion to get me started. I don’t really understand instrumental music. Mostly because I’m not used to it. Every time I hear it I keep looking for the vocals. And for most of the time I do come around to getting used to there not being any vocals. I have the same problem with FOSSILS. At first I had no idea how to interact with this lot but once I let it embrace me I got into the groove. Still don’t know how to describe this. This is one of those albums you gotta hear for yourself to get a picture of. I find it hard to give this a proper description. It is heavy and fuzzy in a kinda hardcore jazzy way. Anders Ekdahl

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