Fourth Autumn – “Mock The Weak”

Fourth Autumn – “Mock The Weak” (Rising Records)

This is a fine piece of blackened death from Wales of all places! I know the Welsh can sing, but it’s a tiny country so it’s good to hear the likes of Fourth Autumn bringing it in fine style (and a healthy dose of humour) on songs like ‘Don’t Stop Bereavin”, ‘A Door, A Table, A Fist’ and ‘Rigor Mortis (Makes Me Stiff)! Although not original by any means, they nevertheless effectively combine the likes of CradleOF and The Black Dahlia Murder with brutal / screech vocals, chopping rhythms as well as a healthy dose of classy melodies (LOL must be those Beyonce influences eh lads – Ed) courtesy of some excellent soloing from Jason for good measure. All in all a debut worthy of saying Cymru Am Byth!

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