FRANCESCO FARERI “Mechanism Reloaded”

“Mechanism Reloaded”
I get a strange gut feeling whenever I see a person’s name as the moniker. It could go either way from a solo album to a guitar album to plain shite. I don’t want to be the one to tell a guy/gal to stick to the day job. Not knowing anything about FRANCESCO FARERI’s previous background I have nothing to go by on this one. I’m in the blind. This wasn’t the instrumental guitar album that I had expected. This is so heavy that it is almost a shame that there aren’t any vocals on it. I guess you could call this instrumental thrash because it is that heavy. I have no idea what having Jeff Loomis guesting on the album actually meant to the song he’s on but hey, if it gets people to discover this album, then why not? Another instrumental album that I can listen to. Anders Ekdahl

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