Freedom Call – “Ages Of Light”

Freedom Call – “Ages Of Light” 2CD (Steamhammer / SPV)

It’s been 9 albums and 15 years since this German power metal band was formed by Chris Bay and Gamma Ray drummer Daniel Zimmermann. To commemorate it, the band have released a 24 track compilation album comprised of the band’s faves over the years along with live tracks. As a special bonus all the former members of Freedom Call were reunited to perform once more on songs – albeit using different renditions like folk, rockabilly, ska and even swing! Graced by Bay’s angelic vocals and some of the most uplifting melodies you’re ever likely to hear, I’ve always been somewhat saddened that Freedom Call weren’t a bigger band as they possess talent in bunches so hopefully this compilation will go some way to speeding them on, bringing to light majestic songs like ‘We Are One’ and ‘Land Of Light’. Of the bonus material I guess the reggae version of ‘Mr Evil’ or the camp fire version of ‘Freedom Call’ were the most amusing – although none come close to their original power metal compositions by any stretch, thus proving once again what an epic band this is.

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