Freedom Call – “Land Of The Crimson Dawn”

Freedom Call – “Land Of The Crimson Dawn” (Steamhammer/SPV)

These guys are awesome, and yet one of the most underrated power / symphonic bands around. Co-founded by Chris Bay and Gamma Ray’s drummer Dan Zimmerman, I sorta always got the impression that the latter’s commitments had always been a bit of rein on the band’s success, cos it sure wasn’t their astounding music that I’ve always found majestic and highly uplifting! Well, the news is that Dan is no longer with the band (funnily enough given his commitments to Gamma Ray) so I greeted this with mixed feelings given how this might influence the band’s sound. Well, it has changed somewhat, with songs like ‘Sun In The Dark’ being more mainstream rock and ‘Hero On Video’ reminding me of Queen’s ‘Radio Ga Ga’ (aaarrggh – bring back Dan – Ed), although the likes of ‘Crimson Dawn’ and my personal fave ’66 Warriors’ (complete with Mongolian throat whistling) brings us back to that classic power metal sound that defined the genre. To be fair, Bay’s use of power melody continues to pervade through all the songs, but I guess on the lighter material it kinda fluffs them up. Truth be told, this is a fine rock / metal album that quality wise is probably their best work to date and given its breadth should bring the band their long deserved big time success.

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