FREIHEIT ” Безумие. Ненависть. Смерть”

” Безумие. Ненависть. Смерть”
(Grimm Distribution)

Battle Helm Rating

Freedom is a rare commodity in today’s world. Even though we are soon entering 2018. But thankfully we can all experience freedom through music. Even if you live in almost totalitarian societies. When this started playing I had a hard time to really place them on the scale of metal. The production is crude and raw like it was recorded in a rehearsal room. But as I listen to this I find myself liking it. There is a charm to FREIHEIT’s black metal (I’ve decided that that that is what they play) that makes this a really cool trip. You don’t have to blast away like there is no tomorrow to be brutal. That is clear after having heard this album. Anders Ekdahl

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