Freitod – “Der Unsichtbare Begleiter”


Freitod – “Der Unsichtbare Begleiter” (Ván Records)

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Inspired by Goethe’s 18th century novel “The Sorrows of Young Werther” in which a passionate young artist commits a ‘noble’ suicide in order that his love can continue on with her life, Freitod play a suitably sorrowful metal influenced by the likes of Katatonia. A duo comprised of founder R. Seyferth (rasping vocals, drums) and G. Eisenlauer (clean vocals, all guitars), Freitod indeed produce some beautifully melancholic melodies, but equally in their darker moments hark back to Burzum-esque black metal forays making for a stark, if nevertheless tasteful contrast to their high quality music. Rather like young Werther, there is an undoubted heartfelt passion in which the duo’s deepest and saddest emotions are brought to the surface on songs like ‘Die falsche Krankheit’, ‘…und am Ende war das Nichts’ and my favorite, ‘Mirta’. Seyferth and Eisenlauer apply their skills to great effect in dictating the mood of each song, harmoniously trading off one another in their use of contrasting vocals and clanging post metal guitars to produce evocative atmospheres throughout. Melancholic, depressive and at times negative, there is equally a powerful release in the 7 songs making up this impressive 3rd album that ceaselessly captivates the listener from start to finish.

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