Freitod – “Regenjahre”

Freitod – “Regenjahre” (Van Records)

Wow – like, if you crossed Katatonia with Emperor, the result could be Germany’s Freitod! Created by the sullen duo of R. Seyferth on Gruff Vocals/Drums and G. Eisenlauer on Clean Vocals/Guitars/Bass, Freitod takes trademark black metal riffing and raw vocals and runs it thru a melodic melancholic mix to produce a temperate but no less atmospherically powerful sound. While black metal relies on its evilness and intensity, Freitod concentrate on the inner soul and especially human emotions such as sadness, depression and ultimately, as the band name suggests, suicide. Ironically, songs like ‘Der Traumsturm’, ‘Nichtssagend’ and ‘Wenn Alles Zerbricht’ aren’t in themselves actually bleak, but the way they build within you thanks to the powerful vocals and harmonies is something else – quite a tribute if I might say so to Freitod’s powerful songwriting, that truly frees the spirit from within!

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