(Immortal Frost Prodsuctions)

Battle Helm Rating

We that live in a democracy have a very hard time understanding the concept of not being able to speak your mind, of being subjected to censorship because you think for yourself. That it might be directly lethal to listen to and play metal, that your life might be jeopardy if they discover what you do. But for FROM THE VASTLAND that is the reality of it all. For those that have seen the documentary “Blackhearts” you know what I am talking about. I have had the privilege of having heard a previous record of FROM THE VASTLAND. This is black metal with a massive hint to Mayhem’s groundbreaking album without plagiarizing it. There is a feel of uniqueness to this that makes it a cool metal album. it is not just another run of the mill black metal record and it should be bought because of that and not for any sort of novelty reasons. Anders Ekdahl

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