(Satanath Records)

Battle Helm Rating

If you are in any way interested in black metal on a more underground level you will know about FROM THE VASTLAND and the journey this guy has done from his native land to Norway and the struggle he has gone through to play the style of metal he loves. His journey resounds with a great thunder how great democracy really is. And thankfully his music is great too. Because it would have sucked majorly if the music was a bad as the living conditions for the opposition in his country is. This is black metal. I think you have guessed it by now. I am not at all familiar with middle eastern music, unless it is blasted out a car window but I get the feeling that the music on this album has the spirit in common with his native lands musical treasure. It is at least that feeling I get. I could be reading too much into it though. But no matter what this is some really heavy, emotional black metal that gets played on this album. And it is some seriously cool stuff too. Anders Ekdahl

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