FRONTBACK “Don’t Mind The Noise”

“Don’t Mind The Noise”
(Black Lodge Records)

Battle Helm Rating

If you live in Sweden you cannot have escaped the fact that Anlo Front has one of the best female rock voices in Sweden. She has a certificate of that from some sort of competition. But that apart this is my first real encounter with the band and their music. So far, I have stayed away from it just in case it would disappoint me majorly, but now is the time to face the music. I might end up loving this. There seem to be a hell of a lotta bands like this in Sweden right now, that play some sort of high energy heavy rock. FRONTBACK can easily be put in the same bracket as VA Rocks and Thunder Mother. Or The Hellacopters, Danko Jones and tons of other cool bands. This is very uplifting and fun music to listen to. If this kinda heavy rock doesn’t get your heart pumping you are beyond saving. Anders Ekdahl

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