Frosthelm – “The Endless Winter”


Frosthelm – “The Endless Winter” (Black Work (Alkemy Brothers))

As harsh and bitter as the bone chilling winds across the frozen plains of North Dakota comes the intense blitzkrieg of Frosthelm! Formed in 2009 with two self released recordings already under their belt, Frosthelm’s sub zero blackened thrash is a wild mixture of The Black Dahlia Murder, Dissection and early Slayer that spews forth out of this savage debut. Driven by the astonishing guitar work of Dakota L. Irwin, it’s just deep pile driving riff upon another as the man unleashes some of the coldest metallic clanging melodies and in between miraculously spews out some sick solos on punishing yet memorable songs like ‘A Storm Of Teeth‘, ‘Beneath Dead Horizons’ and ‘Hell Between Us‘. The rest of the band is no less committed in their matching intensity from Jim Cherry and Brian Helm’s chopping rhythms to Tyler Pfliger’s raw, frost bitten vocals that include an equal amount of hoarseness. Needless to say they must be the biggest metal band in North Dakota and despite their overt Scandinavian sound Matt Hyde (Slayer, Skeletonwitch, Kreator) has done an excellent job on the production to make this snow storm of a band sound even more massive and deathlike than they already are!

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