FROSTHELM “The Northwinds Render Flesh”

“The Northwinds Rend Flesh”
OK. I might seem obsessed with band names this week. I’ve said countless times before that you shouldn’t judge a band by its name but this one just gotta be some sort of pagan/folk/black metal band. What else could they be with a name like Frosthelm? Don’t know how much folk/pagan this is but black metal it is. At times I get a Dawn feeling from them and anything that slightly reminds me of Dawn gets the thumps up from me. This is black metal that is on the more brutal side. No fancy keyboard arrangements. Just pure power black metal. Only a four track EP this makes me want more. And being as impatient as I am I’ll have a hard time waiting for a full length album to arrive. Anders Ekdahl

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