Fucked and Bound – “Suffrage”

Fucked and Bound – “Suffrage” (Quiet Panic)
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Looks like this one slipped quietly past me – and I don’t know how given the racket this lot make! Singer Lisa Mungo, who’s from Seattle, bellows, roars and screams which such force that she can be heard anywhere on the planet and when you add in the edgy, but highly catchy punk noise that is on “Suffrage”, you can understand why this re-issue of the band’s debut is already on its second pressing. The riffs from Brian McClelland, who previously cut his teeth in doom progsters He Whose Ox is Gored, are way more aggressive, adding D-beat and grindcore into a vicious mix that will grab you from the off and shake you violently to the core – in total ecstasy. Keeping to the underground punk formula, the 14 tracks blitz into you fuelled by the frustrations and angst over ‘… wage slavery, lack of access to healthcare, daily misogyny and racial tensions…’, stoking the flames into music that is nothing short of napalm. Opening with the off the wall ‘Wild Thing’, it only takes an instant before McClelland’s sliding riffs slam in the body damage as Mungo goes mental (as do you incidentally) while drummer Matt Chandler and new bass player, Rah Davis (Cattle Decapitation, Skelator and Cages) pummel in their fearsome rhythm – and that’s just in 33 seconds! Follow up ‘Get Inside’ barely hints at a slowdown as Mungo’s screamo would send even Satan running fer the hills, but again, it’s McClelland’s winning riffs and the catchy D-beat rhythm that really get the blood and emotions going in setting Fucked and Bound ‘s music way ahead of the punk pack. With Davis’s dirty bass driving ‘My Love’, Mungo’s abrasive singing gives you the kiss of death while McClelland and Chandler sound like they’re in an all-out fight of their own as guitar yanks and cranks clash with pummelling drums and cymbal smashes aplenty. Clearly not forgetting Lemmy on ‘Punishers On Deck’, the Motörhead kick beat is punked up through thicker riffs and heavy bass giving the sound plenty of bollox while the hooks are massive and catchy over which Mungo roars her throat blood red raw. Closing with the longest track (at just over 4 minutes!), ‘Abuse Of Registry’ see’s Fucked and Bound slow it down, albeit in a grim posture, menacingly building the tension through a superb mix of doom and heavy hardcore with Mungo drawling and even singing (slightly) before ending it all in feedback. Superb, although if you’re already wrapped too tightly, this one will definitely send you over the edge….
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