Fuckshovel – “This Is What We Are”

Fuckshovel – “This Is What We Are” (www.facebook.com/F.Shovel)

‘kin ‘ell, wiv a name like that it’s no surprise they come from Sarf East London and have every desire to follow in the anarchic wake of that gruesome foursome, the Sex Pistols. So much so in fact, that they’ve already supported Glen Matlock and The Germs although this mob are tooled up to the gills mixing high energy rock with punk attitude and cool singalong choruses. Heavy crunching bass, psycho drumming, chainsaw guitar and Jack Death’s vocals will have you headbanging, moshing and pogo-ing in adolescent fits of sweat, puke and ringing ears to songs like ‘Schizophonic’, ‘Skull & Bones’ and ‘All You Got’. Recorded at Assault & Battery off the gangster ridden Old Kent Road in London town, this is a fearsome debut that would make even demon barber Sweeney Todd shit his pants!

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