FULL LEATHER JACKETS ”Forgiveness Sold Out”

”Forgiveness Sold Out”
(Red Cat)

Battle Helm Rating

I know that I am old when all I can think of is Stanley Kubrick’s Vietnam movie Full Metal Jacket from 1987 whenever I see this bands name. I have not seen that movie or any other Vietnam War movie for that matter but the name got stuck in my head. Hopefully that will only be beneficial to the band. That this was going to be trad there was no questions about. But trad in what genre? I immediately get old Iron Maiden vibes from this. So that alone was comforting. This is traditional heavy metal on the heavier side. And since I love old Maiden FULL LEARTHER JACKETS are a welcomed break from everyday life. This turned out to be a really cool heavy metal record. It brings me back to the 80s in a good way. No nostalgia or sentimentality. Just good for the heart heavy metal. Anders Ekdahl

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