Full Of Hell – “Weeping Choir”

Full Of Hell – “Weeping Choir” (Relapse Records)
Battle Helm Rating
Totally insane. If grindcore is your thang, then you’ll be weeping with joy on this one. Going for almost a decade, Full Of Hell havereleased 3 prior albums and a shitloada singles, splits, compilations, live releases and EPs. Indeed, “Weeping Choir” comes shortly after its 2017 predecessor “Trumpeting Ecstasy”, and given this is a heavy touring band, it’s easy to appreciate why these guys are well known and respected in underground circles. This 4th album shows little sign of any noise abatement mixing in grind with electronics and the astounding vocal extremity of Dylan Walker who simply chucks everything at you from screaming variations to bowel inducing gutturals and hoarse aggression that could give any hardcore band a run fer their money. Across 11 tracks, most of which are just over a minute, the aural blitz is unrelenting although the band do occasionally gear it down and offer the odd moment of serenity. Just witness the stampede on ‘Haunted Arches’, as monster noise riffs mosh it up to Walker’s cat screeching offset by roars before an utterly insane diddly dee fret board run closes while on ‘Downward’, heavy roars conspire with massive drums to ignite the nuclear cement mixer before spinning out into hardcore – a brilliant contrast I might add – and then returning back to the chunder. Throwing you off piste again is the 6 1/2 minute ‘Armory Of Obsidian Glass’, whose droning amps lead the slow, black funeral of grim doom riffs, terrifying screams and bestial roars before giving way to a sombre ambient passage that heralds a black crescendo to close off this epic number – unreal! Returning to the animal grind on ‘Silmaril’, it’s grunts, pig squeals and screams galore on this primitive noise slaughter as Dave Bland’s drumming is anything but that given the manic frenzy. If you’re looking for a nice bit of mental demolition then check out Full Of Hell, cos they certainly live up to their name in every aspect.
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