I like it when the promo shot makes me think back to the good old fanzine days. That alone tells me that this could turn out to be a massive trip down old school death metal streets. Having written this I kinda hope that I’m right. I have no idea if the band name is to be taken literary because this starts out in a complete funeral doom manner. You just sit there and wait for it to up the tempo until you realize that this ain’t gonna up the tempo at all. And I like it for that. I’m a doom buff. This is doom in all the right meanings of the genre. You gotta love when the metal they play drags its feet in the gravel. This is like if early Trouble had been playing even slower than they did. Or if St Vitus had been even more doomy. Or a more contemporary reference would be if My Dying Bride had been even more melancholic. This is the stuff for candle lit dark rooms. This is the stuff for self pitying. Anders Ekdahl

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