FUNERAL TEARS ”Beyond The Horizon”

”Beyond The Horizon”

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Funeral doom. I think I first really got in touch with this genre, without really knowing it, when I heard Finnish Unholy and the UK’s Esoteric back in the 90s. This was doom taken even further down the spiral. Before that the slowest I had heard was Cathedral’s debut “Forest Of Equilibrium”. Since then I have been an avid fan of the really slow and have subsequently heard a ton of really cool funeral doom albums over the years. And to this day I am obsessed with finding the slowest, most somber doom metal band. FUNERAL TEARS are not that band. But they are slow and melancholic the way I like it. This whole atmospheric doom/black/death metal thingamajig is something that strikes all the right chords in me. So obviously this album is right up my alley. Anders Ekdahl

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