FUNERARY BELL “The Last Temptation – Light of Violet Penance”

“The Last Temptation – Light of Violet Penance”
(Forgotten Wisdom)

Battle Helm Rating

I know that it is almost sacrilegious to say so, but I do not care particularly about live albums. Unless I was there to witness the gig myself I’d much rather have the studio album to listen to. But despite my reluctance towards live albums I do have a couple of fave ones. The Morbid Angel one that they did in the 90s. Iron Maiden’s “Live After Death. Looking through the files I noticed that I have heard this one before. I did a review of their Saturnal Records album back in. I liked that one and have no reason to change my mind about this live album. This is basically black metal but there is a feel to it that tells me that there is more than meets the ear with this band. There is a strength to this that makes me sit up and take notice. And I still think of Mortuary Drape whenever I see this band’s logo, art work and photos. Anders Ekdahl

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