FUNERARY BELL “Undead Revelations”

“Undead Revelations”
(Saturnal Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Finnish black metal to me is full on attack from start to finish but this is much more esoteric. At least in the first track. By the second track everything is back on track the way I want my Finnish black metal. But this esoteric feel will not let go completely. This is after all not your run of the mill black metal album. There is a depth to this that goes deeper than just assaulting your senses. I don’t want to use a word like soft in the same sentence as black metal but that is the best way I can describe the sound at this moment in time. I am not saying that this is weak stuff. All I am saying is that there is a feel of this not being entirely about being the baddest black metal act there is. In a way they kinda remind of if Italy’s Mortuary Drape. Anders Ekdahl

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