Funerus – “Reduced To Sludge”

“Reduced To Sludge”
(Ibex Moon Records)

Wow, this old school death metal crew from the Pennsylvania mountains have been going nigh on 20 years – and it shows by this grade A release that is very much in the vein of Massacre, Autopsy and of course, Death. With Jill McEntee’s amazingly good death growls n grunts and remaining trio made up of guitarist husband John and drummer Sam Inzerra, it’s total brutality all the way in the cement mixer of death! But what makes Funerus stand out on songs like ‘Bedpan Commando’, ‘Death Of A God’ and the searing ‘Leatherface’ is just how catchy and addictive they are while not letting a shred on their pummeling brutality. Hail to Funerus!

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