Furyon – “Lost Salvation”


Furyon – “Lost Salvation” (Dream Records)

Man, Furyon kicks ass! Mixing 90s Britrock a la Skunk Anansie with the more recent pure American stoner tinged rock of Alter Bridge, it comes as little surprise that this second album was recorded in both Atlanta, GA as well as their hometown of Brighton in the UK. Sound wise Furyon perfectly blend the rock sounds of both countries while sticking to a 100% no nonsense trademark rooted in rock history itself. Big, syrup thick rolling rock riffs cascade into you electrically as you feel the pulse of rock permeate your soul while Matt Mitchell shows his worth vocally again by straddling the power yelps of Robert Plant and the laid back drawls of Layne Staley. Despite losing original guitarists Chris Green and Pat “The Shred” Heath, new boys Luca Faraone and Tiago Rosado shine in working off one another brilliantly, alternating riffs with fiery licks and wild soloing that adds real spice to songs like ‘All That I Have’, ‘Left It With The Gods’ and the reflective ‘Resurrect Me’. Bringing up the rear comes the pounding rock rhythm of Alex “Nickel” Bowen and Lee Farmery – completing the no frills solid ball of pulsating rock energy that is Furyon. With the focus this time round on less lengthy but more single material type songs, “Lost Salvation” is the perfect sophomore to take the band to its next higher level and with live dates already amassing across Europe, fans of pure rock genius will once again be able to feel the fury of this hugely talented young band. 3 years is a long time in a band’s career but Furyon have back fighting just as their warrior name suggests with an album that does them proud!

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