Gama Bomb – “The Terror Tapes”

Gama Bomb – “The Terror Tapes” (AFM Records)

Ulster (aka Northern Ireland) can be a grim place if you don’t have a sense of humor. Luckily the five plucky lads making up Gama Bomb have it in bunches! Fueled by 80s thrash n crossover as well as horror flicks from that era (the cover was done by Graham Humphreys, whose poster work includes “A Nightmare On Elm Street” and the original “Evil Dead”) Gama Bomb are like a hard kick in the balls. Hyperspeed chopping thrashola riffing, panic attack drums, insane vocals spitting out rhyming lyrics- and most of all, that demented thrash beat are all over this album like a rash. I dunno how pissed these guys were when they recorded this but it sounds like they had a field day that only the Oirish could pull off as they chainsaw songs like ‘Metal Idiot’, ‘Shitting Yourself To Live’ and ha ha ‘Smoking The Blow With Willem Dafoe’ – yeah, we’re definitely back in the 80s man!

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